G R A N T E D (01:00)

GRANTED won “Best Environmental Short” – Bay Area Women in Film and Media (BAWIFM) Short Film Festival 2013.
The idea for this one minute video comes from something my mom told me when I was a child, that I never forgot and which is still true today.

Following an interesting comment I received, I would like to say that to make this video, I followed the different people of my family and some friends as they were really using the water in their daily tasks. I did not ask them to re-do something, there was only one take. No water was wasted in the making of the video!

Still images of this video here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26620491@N08/sets/72157633059113903/


SHADES OF GREEN / Eco-Art Exhibition / April 2013 / Georgia College, US.

Category: Documental
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Sobre el Autor
- My short documentaries are a “carnet de voyage” through childhood with interest for nature, conservation, dreams and monsters. I lived in Africa when I was a teenager and then moved quite often: that opened a world to me. My father was a visionary geologist specialized in tectonic and my mother a biologist, with an amazing way to talk about the beauty of nature and the necessity of respecting it. My background is sociopolitical graphic design: I learned it at ENSAD in Paris and was a graphic designer in the years that followed, having the great opportunity to work with amazing people. When I became a mother myself, it was obvious to me that one of the strangest and most interesting thing was happening right there in my house. Some videos are part of installations, some are independent pieces of work. I am a multimedia artist and I am using both traditional and nontraditional medium in my work: video, photography, murals, paintings, drawings, digital prints. My work has been shown in exhibitions at venues such as Mac Paris, Currents: the Santa Fe International New Media Festival, the San Diego Museum of Art, The California Center for the Arts, Oceanside Museum of Art, Rosalux Gallery, Le Musée des Merveilles, Noel-Baza Fine Art, Art Produce Gallery, SubZERO Festival, ZER01 Biennial, Kaleid Gallery.